Maine Golf And Tennis Academy

Maine Golf and Tennis Academy MGTA Provides three in one!

Coed campers 8-17 enjoy the only real combination summer camp for kids that offers Golf and Tennis instruction along with the traditional summer camp activities that provide a well rounded, positive camp experience. Only the highest quality professional instructors are hired for the Maine Golf and Tennis Academy staff. 


The Maine Golf and Tennis Academy is the highest ranked Junior Golf Camp for kids and Tennis Camp for kids in the United States, the camp helps develop the skills of campers from every state in the nation and over thirty countries from across the globe.   The MGTA world class professional PGA and USPTA Golf and Tennis instruction encourages significant growth in the  safe, healthy and productive environment of summer camp at this nurturing Golf and Tennis camp experience. 

There are campers who represent over thirty countries across the globe providing a great multicultural environment for all activities.  There have been campers representing each of the fifty United States at Maine Golf and Tennis Academy, which is ranked as the top ranked Tennis Camp for Kids and the top ranked Junior Golf Camp for Kids in America today.  MGTA strives to provide an environment where challenges are presented and learning is allowed to take place in a supportive and instructive atmosphere for a summer golf camp.Maine Golf and Tennis Academy Balance

The  Maine Golf and Tennis Academy the campers and their families will be able to totally customize the curriculum they will experience at the camp.  There is a flexibility that the camp provides so the each camper who becomes a part of our family will have the best experience they could imagine in a summer camp.   This allows children and their families to be in control of their development in tennis and/or golf.  Maine Golf and Tennis Academy has a high level of pride in teaching to all levels of athletes and pushing them to become the very best they can be.

Many parents are stunned by the large number of activities that we provide for each of our campers to experience.  There has to be a balance in life between sports and fun, and MGTA provides a significant number of traditional activities to help campers develop a well rounded outlook on life.  Mastering skills like water skiing, archery, or arts and crafts will help build self esteem and successful individuals.

Each family has the final say on the curriculum of your child, and we offer so many great program choices that you will want to allow some time to plan your camping experience so that it will be all that you hope it to be.

This is not just us speaking, please read our testimonials and recommendations  from REAL parents and their kids!

The shores of Lake Salmon is the home of MGTA, which was originally called Camp Kennebec and was founded in 1907, and has been providing positive camping experiences ever since.  You couldn’t ask for a more picturesque backdrop for your child’s formative summer camp experience.  Providing great role models and mentors is paramount as we choose the special staff at MGTA each summer.  Teaching proper etiquette is valued along with teaching superior skills to our campers.  The professional and encouraging instructors help campers improve their skills to be able to compete better at the highest levels of high school and college.  We really believe that focusing on building self-esteem and confidence in our campers will allow them to become better golfers, tennis players and people as well.Maine golf and tennis academy

Get your child the BEST summer Junior Golf Camp/Tennis Camp for kids that is available in the United States.  A place where summer and fun meet.

Summer Camp for kids in the US with professional Golf and Tennis instruction at a premiere summer camp.

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Chosen as the BEST Junior Golf Summer Camp for Kids and The Best Tennis Camp in America

By Sports Illustrated KIDS Edition